The Brazil Music Conference takes over the spaces of Unibes Cultural on 09, 10 and 11 may. There are more than 100 content and here you check the latest added to the schedule:

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Q&A Marcos Valle | Art in Sound

Much more than a musician recognized by the unique style, today he is reference to rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West, being possibly one of the greatest living legends of brazilian music. Learn more about this emblematic figure in an exclusive Q&A, made by friend and studio partner, DJ Memê.

With Marcos Valle and DJ Memê

From the idea to the sound box: The anatomy of a song | Art in Sound

Some of the most respected producers of different generations of brazilian electronic music discuss the technical and creative challenges they face in the studio.

With DJs/producers Gabe, André Salata and Antonio Eudi

Growth pains | Show Business

What are the main challenges faced to turn an idea into a successful event? What to do when things go wrong? These and other questions will be answered by the people behind some of the main cases of the Brazilian market.

With Jeje (producer Tribaltech Festival), Juliana Cavalcanti, Caio Taborda (DJ and producer Gop Tun party), Victor Senedesi (Tântsa party)

Independent digital distribution | Trending Topics

Many artists still consider themselves hostages to record labels and do not know the possibilities of independent digital distribution as well best practices to promote their music on their own. Understand how you can achieve success without giving up a large percentage of your career.

With Brunno Constante (One RPM), André Dazzo, Marcos Chomen (CD Baby) and Maurício Bussab

Anderson Noise x DJ Mau Mau | Art In Sound

When two giants of the electronic scene complete 30 years of career, it is better keep alert your ears and eyes! Know all about the special tour called 30/30

With DJ Mau Mau e Anderson Noise

In the Club! | Show Business

Time passes, the scene changes, and the clubs of Brazil keep giving a lot what to talk – or to dancefloor! But how to make a business linked to “Nightlife” Thrive and become something sustainable these days?

With Mario Sergio Albuquerque (Laroc Club – Valinhos), Eli Iwasa (Caos Club – Campinas), Angelo Leuzzi (Amore Club – SP) and Leo Ziller (Hangar 677 Club – BH)

Cocada: taking our music to the World | Music+Brands

Meet Cocada, an initiative created to boost talents of South American electronic music with the goal of connecting artists, producer DJs through the most different plataforms.

With Roland Leesker and Matt de Plessis (Get Physical Music), Hauy (DJ/producer)

Create of the house – Festivals of Brazil | Show Business

The phrase of brazilian football “craque se faz em casa” today can also be applied in the world of festivals by Brazil. We selected a producer team of Brazilian festivals to explain this phenomenon that despite the economic crisis stay strong.

With Luis Gustavo  Zagonel (Warung Day Festival), Erick Dias (XXXPerience Festival), Jeje (Tribaltech Festival), Du Serena (Tribe Festival) and Guga Trevisani (Kaballah Festival)

Dedication and admirations, how important is it to have fans? | Trending Topics

Some artists work very hard to conquer their audience, what are the paths and obstacles be ridden be covered how to turn this relationship into something special.

With DJs/producers João Brasil, Illusionize e CIC, Guigo Monfrinato (Marketing analyst) and Carlla Bastos (Art director)

The Art of Marketing | Music+Brands

The marketing of a creative product, like music, is the same as the marketing of a consumer brand? What advertising agencies can learn from record labels and what labels can learn from the sector? Marketing is a science in the way how advertising agencies believe, or is so much about understanding the market, its consumers and their needs?

With SIofra McComb (!K7 Records Alemanha), Amanda Chang (DJ/producer) and Juliana Cavalcanti (Reality)

A new MPB conquers the Underground | Trending Topics

A movement that mixes MPB and traditionally brazilian elements to the beat 4×4 has gained strength on the Brazilian tracks. Meet some representatives of this sound that values one of the biggest Brazilian cultural products: our root music.

With Igor Lucarini (Sonido Trópico), DJ Tahira, DJ FlavYa and Felipe Delgado (FITA).

Celebrating creativity | Show Business

Over the past five years, festivals have emerged throughout the country aimed at propagation the creative economy and innovation. What are the opportunities and challenges of the sector? What the music market has to learn from them and how it can dialogue more effectively with other creative segments.

With Gabriel Cevallos (Kino Beat – POA), Fabio Seixas (Path Festival), Bruna Calegari (Subtropikal – CWB) and Ralph Peticov (Hack Town)

Breaking the beat | Trending Topics

For a long time the young audience has been asking for more broken sounds, fleeing house and techno. In addition to innovators, Trap and Rap have political and social connotations that have everything to do with new times. Listen to what a class of respect has to say about the invasion of broken beats on the tracks!

With DJs/producers NAVE, Omulu e Badsista

Technology allied to entertainment: use of data in event management | Future Forum

Understand the impacts on the ticket sales and public access from the disclosure actions of an event. The Sympla brings cases of events throughout Brazil to exemplify the importance of data analysis and good divulgation planning.

With Karla Megda (Sympla)

Blockchain and the transformation of music | Future Forum

As the technology that is behind cryptocurrencies and smart contracts can transform the music contracts can transform the value chain of music and the relationship between artists and their fans? Understand what’s behind this impending revolution.

With André Salem

D-Edge 1.8 | Art in Sound

Completing 18 years of services to electronic music, D-Edge Club is reinventing itself through time. Betting on a sensory experience of sound, light design, behavior and innovation, became reference in the night club segment. This unprecedent panel shows the present, past and future through generations that know and love the brand.

With Renato Ratier, Anderson Noise, Daniel Raad (host) and Melanie Havens

Workshop VDMX: visual performance with Bruno Bez | Art in Sound 

The software VDMX Is modular digital visual plataform that controls visuals in real time. Better understand your main features and how to mount an optimized solution for live visual performances. Visual Artist Bruno Bez Minister this workshop and shares some of his knowledge acquired in the last 10 years dedicated to tool. Workshop for enthusiasts and visual researchers and new media, visual and contemporary artists, designers, film producers, photographers, musicians instrumentalists, programmers, vjs and Djs.

With Bruno Bez (VJ/visual artist)


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