The BRMC is coming and we have great news for you who already signed up for the most important conference of entretainment in Latin America. Over a decade of life we realize how important it is to generate discussions and present news, but also indicate paths and answers to our audience. That is why we create the macro-themes BRMC, which serve as a guide to all panel programming, Q&A, and conference, plus central themes of the super yearbook BRMC. On the day of the conference, with guide in hand, just look for the symbols of the themes that most interest you and run for the hug! Meet everyone:


Trending Topics

Know trends is not just an option, but an obligation for the great professionals of any creative market. So it is better to keep your eyes and ears open to the recurring topics in the current world. Gender issues, sexuality and politics are in the spotlight; influencers and personalities of the digital world are the great focus of attention and investment. On the other hand, genuine cultural movements have changed the market picture and broken borders in music. Here is the space to discuss initatives, movements and people who come shaping the world we live in.




Despite being the apex for the public, each artistic presentation (Whether a show or DJset) is only the final product of a rich productive chain, composed of competent professionals from various areas of entretainment comprising clubs, parties and renowned festivals. Many of these professionals have learned practice and have years of market, others are starting brilliant carrers: the common point among them lies in the immense difficulties imposed by the system to carry out experiments that will remain for life. But the show must go on!




Art in Sound

Because every cultural scenario is based on art; the need for expression. From the suburbs of Chicago, Detroit and Berlin to the carioca hills., through the indigenous communities of by chaotic, Latin American cities. Far beyond the market, music and entretainment are living examples of culture, which breathes and an around the most varied themes, emerging and transforming people who engage with them. It is time to meet cases and sucessful personalities in this scene, who already have a captive place in the history of electronic music.




SOMOS Latinoamerica

Over the past five years, young people from all over South America the embraced electronic music and your culture milions. From Argentina to Mexico, Colombia, Ecuardor, Chile and, of course, Brazil, electronic music has grown and today is the style that over 100 million of want to hear! To celebrate this and encourage an approximation of ecosystems, the BRMC will present a series of panels with regional experts that examine the current realities of the scene and question how the region’s creative communities can collaborate to make Latin America the true federation of electronic nations!



Future Forum

Innovation and futurism, from entrepreneurship to visual reality. Technology plays an important role in the lives of most people, actiong as a facilitator for many and as a source of creative inspiration for others. To help our participants understand all this, and also to see some sense of what will be introduced in thr next decade, the BRMC created the future forum, a place where the best new ideas are in production, music, technology and innovation occupy a central place.





A series of panels, pitches and workshops that examine interactions between artists and brands. Given that the BRMC is now located in São Paulo, it is expected the presence of leading professionals of the Brazilian advertising industry, invited to talk about how brand/artist relationships are evoluing and offering examples of advertising campaings that included contribution from the artists, talking about how they can become relevant and attractive to brands and their compaigns.