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Entrevista: Christian Salas

Entrevista: Christian Salas

Christian Salas is the current Latin America marketing coordinator for British music equipment manufacturer Novation. He has a background in studio production as an engineer and producer, and has worked with artist of all genres from blues rock to electronic music.

Life: when was the moment you figured out that Dance Music was meant for you?
It’s hard to pin-point an exact moment, but I have to say that 1997 was pretty influential. I was really young in 97 but that’s the year that “Homework” and “The Fat of the Land” came out by Daft Punk and The Prodigy, which were my introduction to electronic based music. Later on in my teenage years a friend introduced me to industrial bands like Ministry and Skinny Puppy (game changers for me).

Laugh: when was the last time you had real fun?
I always have fun experiencing live music or live sequencing. A co-worker took me to see GRiZ and I was very skeptical that I would enjoy the show but I ended up having a blast. I danced like a dummy all night and left with the biggest smile on my face.

Love: name the one thing you love more than anything – and why is that?
Family. That includes my closest friends who are there through thick and thin. You know who you are, thank you.

Past: name a significant moment in your career in Dance Music – and why is that?
The most recent significant moment was the last event we held in São Paulo back in June. Novation teamed up with the LAUD agency to put on a workshop and live experience. It was great to hear how appreciative the workshop attendees where and seeing L_cio jam on the Novation Circuit to a warehouse full of people dancing.

Present: what do you think is trending today in music, clubs and festivals?
Festivals are popping up everywhere! Tons of the them every weekend. Don’t forget about the smaller guys who are playing small clubs who are probably playing much more interesting music.

Future: where is industry heading in the years to come?
Not sure, everything happens in cycles so you’ll see certain genres come back into popularity. The market is bit oversaturated at the moment so hopefully we’ll see some unique producers come out and do something a little different and exciting to stand out from the crowd.

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